Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hi New Readers!

If you dropped by today after reading the Sun-Sentinel article (found here), welcome!

We're midway through tomato season around here, and my first planting is rapidly approaching harvest time. The first plants went outside around the first week of October. I just did a second planting around January 1, so those will be ready for harvest as the spring begins to heat up. So far, this season has been a challenge—it's been all about the fungal diseases this year. But nevertheless, soon the tomatoes will begin to come off the vine, and although I'm expecting a smaller harvest than in years past, we'll still have plenty of fresh fruit for the next few months.

Feel free to poke around and check back every week or so. I try to post about once a week, but it doesn't always work out that way. And if you're a tomato grower yourself, please feel free to share your experience. Because there's no wrong way to grow your own.


  1. Hi Jon,
    I just read your Sun-Sentinel article on using containers. It was very helpful. I am growing peppers and having some luck, but I will try a container to see if it will yield more, larger peppers. I did not know you write for the paper and have this blog. Great idea! Keep up the good writing. - Marie Etzler

  2. Enjoyed reading the article today. I tried growing veggies in pots earlier this season, but the white flies did me in. After reading the article today, I'm going to try it again, but with bigger containers.

  3. Marie,

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by ... long time, no? Nice to hear from you. I've done well with peppers in previous years, but this year the cold snaps did not agree with my plants. I thought they were dead at first, but they've bounced back and I will actually do decent with the cherry peppers.

  4. Rob,

    You can do peppers, cabbage, broccoli, etc., in relatively smaller pots, but tomatoes (especially the big beefsteaks) like nice, roomy containers. And yeah, whiteflies are horrible. I had a huge whitefly problem with eggplants one year. Good luck with the rest of the season.