Thursday, November 1, 2012

You Are Being Redirected!

To my new tomato website. Same content, better site! Enjoy!
So here's a bit of blog update ... I've been working on a tomato-growing website other than this one for a while now (including importing the old content from this site over to that site). The new site is bigger and will hopefully be better, and it doesn't have the same restrictions as a blog. ALSO, I'm getting closer and closer to starting my late-season garden (the move is progressing nicely), and I won't be updating this blog anymore. Instead, I'll be blogging over there ( So the upshot is that, very soon, I'm going to be automatically redirecting this page to the new site. Which means if you come here in the next day or so and get bounced over there, you'll know why.

And thanks everyone for visiting this blog and helping me build it. I know I've been a bad blogger this season, but life upheaval has intervened. But I've enjoyed every minute of the growing and blogging experience.

See you at the new place!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Am I Like Where's Waldo?

Happy fall, Tomato People! Just a quick note ... I've gotten a few letters from readers asking what was going on with this season. Well, here's the bad news. We are really and truly moving now. We spent all summer house-shopping, found a place six weeks ago, and are closing next week. Then moving. So obviously, I couldn't move a huge veggie garden (it already feels like I'm moving a ridiculous mountain of boxes). This means I have not started any plants this year. The good news is that I'm hoping to still get a late-season garden going at the new place. I've already been scouting around for good light and whatnot. So I hope everyone's season has gotten off to a good start, and hopefully you'll see me around later.